Revolutionary New Tools Give You Health Benefits from the Virtual Outdoors

"Improve Your Mood, Feel Better Physically, and Restore Your Attention Levels"

A combination of VR technology with HD outdoor videos gives you many of the same health benefits as being outdoors.
Watch the video below for more detailed explanation of all the benefits.

3d glasses from the 70s versus today
  • Watch Any Video Easily
Today's 3D glasses can be used with any smartphone to watch outdoor videos. Yesterday's glasses were paper and film plus required special projection equipment.
  • Maximum Benefits
Latest technology gives you the ability to watch any outdoor video from your smartphone. Experience is immersive, which based on latest science maximizes your health benefits.
VR headset with stereo earphones
  • Easy to Use On The Go
Compact design of Voggles VR headset lets you take with and watch videos from your iPhone or Android wherever you are

You Might Not Like Outdoors

Reasons you might not like to go outside ranges from 1) the risks of too much sunshine and skin cancer, 2) allergies and reaction to dust, grass, trees, and 3) fear of bugs, insects, and ticks. It's too hot. Or it's too cold.

If You Can't Go Outdoors

A growing percentage of the elderly population around the world aren't mobile or are home-bound. In addition, more of the population lives in cities where green spaces and fresh air are not always easy to find.

You Can Share Your Outdoors

If you record your own outdoor videos, our VR technologies make it easy to share. Send or store your videos online and share with your friends and family. Sharing with those who can't go outdoors improves their health.

Bring Outside In

When you have time you can get maximum health benefits from virtual outdoors in 3-8 minute increments. Science today says that's the optimal timeframe for viewing outdoor landscape and wildlife videos.

We've produced 3 top-quality outdoor videos to get you started.

Water in the outdoors is a natural relaxer. We design these videos to give you perspective on rivers, streams, rainfall and other outdoor water venues.
WATERRivers, Streams, and Ocean Videos
The sun shining outdoors lends us all a sense of energy and warmth. We designed these videos to provide you with a record of the power of the sun.
SUNSHINEOutdoor Sunshine
Many draw their insipration from the mountains. Sitting quietly and listening to the sounds of the mountains drives attention restoration.
MOUNTAINSMountain and Mountain Sounds

Video Health is the leading solution for bringing outside in

So you get all the health benefits from watching outdoor videos


Relive your outdoor experiences any time

Share your outdoors with family and friends

Help those you know who can't get outside

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Disclaimer: Statements about the health benefits of virtual outdoors are taken directly from published scientific studies.
No guarantee of these benefits is expressed or implied.
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